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Roscoe’s Camp Journal

Roscoe V Bear
Roscoe V Bear


The Camp Journal of Flat Rock Mascot, Roscoe V. Bear


Time with Flat Rock Staff, Friday July 17

I came into camp early to help set up, I played in the HQ tent, spent time on the dock and relaxed in our site. I am looking forward to meeting the campers as they arrive and I am going to stay up late and go to the leaders meeting!


Saturday July 18

I started my day with Hastings Scouts. We spent the first bit of time hunting at the archery range. I posed for a picture on the target before heading to the spud guns. Then they let me play sling shot. Wow, what a rush!

2nd Sydney venturers was next to cuddle me as I took another turn at spud guns. I was disappointed about only getting 10 points but I had fun trying to perfect my aim. Maybe next year.

I decided to stay with them as we all tried the water events. Since I hold so much water, the goal was to not get too soaked. Canoeing is uber fun! Next event, what can I say…My height was good for Frisbee golf but I think I would have been much better at it if I had thumbs.

I reapplied my sunscreen and headed off to the blind obstacle course with 2nd Sydney Scouts. I did very well at team work. Communication is the key! J

Wooler Scouts invited me to their campsite and we had tacos. They were so good, I ate 20! I should have waiting longer to go running around in the woods in a game of man hunt. Got some tummy cramps…but it was so worth it! I curled up in a cozy chair and read about my camping badge requirements. Boy, I have a lot to learn. Can’t wait!

Finally it was time to go and hang out with the Brighton Girl Guides for some quality craft time. I made some really cool charms for my hat! I used the outhouse and then headed off to zipline. So fun, I hope I get to do that again!

There was an iron person challenge today and I got to participate with 8th Richmond Hill Venturers. Although I was carried the whole way through the swim, run and canoe, I cheered quietly for my partner. They all seemed to take turns “losing the game”, I don’t know what these crazy guys are talking about but they seem to find it funny. I also don’t know why they hate ducks so much, I find them delicious! I accompanied them to the archery range…my poor hat got speared! *sigh* Venturers, what can I say?

Dinner time! Whoo Hoo! Roast beef, potatoes, buns, corn….yummmmm! Oh, and that cupcake was to die for! Thanks 2nd Sydney for letting me dine with you!

Matt, Thomas, Alora and Sebbie of 1st Bayridge taught me how to tie a bowline, a sheephank AND I got my knife permit. Major badge score! I stayed with them as we headed to evening program…Campfire, Baby! 1st Bayridge brought me along and it was awesome! Glowing balloons, sparklers, cake, jokes stories, and songs. What a party!

I got to help 8th Richmond Hill with a skit. I played the part of the bear attacking the camper. Nailed it! This skit was “unBEARable” get it? Ha ha ha!!!


Sunday July 19thpaw1paw2

*Big Sigh* I guess it’s pack-up day. I’m not ready for it all to end BUT I did get to go to opening with Sammy, the youngest member of 1st Hastings! I am one lucky bear! Lots of awards were given out, and pictures were taken. What a ride this camp was! I can’t wait for next year!


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