Who is the camp for?

The patrol and individual competitions are geared for Scouts and Venturers. We encourage Troops to also invite senior cubs from their group as an ideal linking activity. Rovers and leaders from other sections are also welcome to attend on an offer of service or just to “hang out and enjoy the weekend.”


How many people attend Flat Rock?

We have had as many as 120 participants but have been averaging around 75. We would like to see a dramatic rise in the number of people attending. With increased attendance we can and will increase our program.


What is the weekend schedule?

Participants can arrive in camp any time after 1:00 pm on Friday afternoon. Patrol events begin at 10:00 am on Saturday. Saturday afternoon is the Iron Person and Leader’s Event followed by the roast beef dinner at 6:30. The camp wraps up on Sunday morning and participants are asked to be out of camp by 1:00 pm. For a complete schedule of weekend events please see the registration package on the website.


Are there comfort stations at the camp?

Because we are in a conservation area that is not normally used for camping (in fact, we are the ONLY group permitted to camp here) there are no comfort stations. We bring in an appropriate number of portable toilets and if you are feeling you need to bathe bring your environmentally friendly soap and Mother Nature will provide the running water.


Is there drinking water available?

Groups need to bring their own potable water with them for the weekend.


Is there a place to go swimming?

There are events that allow participants the opportunity to enjoy being in the water. There is also time when groups have free time and may go swimming either at the waterfront when there are no events happening or just outside the camp at the “rapids”. The waterfront is shallow and rocky, if participants have water shoes or old runners that can be worn in the water it is recommended to protect their feet. Please Note: PFD’s must be worn at all times when in or near the water.


What is the information our group needs for our Emergency Plan?

Item number 3) for directions to the nearest hospital: https://goo.gl/maps/Kp4LN

Item number 4) There are several staff members with first aid training including 2 with instructor’s qualifications and a registered nurse.


Could you clarify the new registration fee structure?

For Everyone:

Registration is easy, can be done online or by mail. The fee is $20 per person. The fee includes the Roast beef dinner on Saturday.

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