The idea for Flat Rock Rapids Scout Camp was conceived in 1985. The organizers wanted to create a camping experience that was different from the usual. The focus of the camp was to be water events and a laid back schedule. Most of the original staff had a strong canoeing background so that became a signature of Flat Rock. The camp is run in Vanderwater Conservation Area near Thomasburg, Ontario where the banks and bed of the Moira River are lined with large expanses of smooth flat rock formations. The shallow rapids in the park just north of the camp location are a favourite cooling off place. These two elements give Flat Rock Rapids its name. In the 26 years that the camp has been running there have been some changes and additions to the camp but the basic elements of enjoying the water and having a relaxed weekend with fun challenges remain the same. We strive to keep the camp interesting while staying true to the original concept.

The camp now features an array of both land and water events. Patrol events include archery, first aid, potato cannons and various canoeing events. The camp also features an “Iron Person” event where individuals compete in a mini “triathlon” which consists of a swim, canoe and a run. We also include a Leader’s event where the youth get to be the spectators while the leaders show what they can do. On our tenth anniversary we added a new feature; on Saturday evening the whole camp gathers for a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. All these activities and the dinner are included with your registration.

On our 25th Anniversary we added the “Sweet Sensations Dessert Cook Off” where groups prepare their most delicious creations for a panel of judges. New for 2012 Scouts who participate in a variety of events can earn both their Paddler’s and First Aid badges and will go back to their troop with a letter for their leaders explaining their accomplishments.

“It’s my first time here,” said Daniel Courneya, 13, of Trenton. “I definitely want to come back next year.”

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Map to Vanderwater Conservation Area

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